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I am an Australian Artist living in Collaroy, Sydney. I received my Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree from The University of Sydney - Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) in 1993.

After graduating from SCA, I lived in New York City for almost 10 years where I participated in Summer Residencies at both New York Academy of Art (NYAA) and the School of Visual Arts (SVA) whilst also selling my paintings and drawings on the streets of Soho. Hard work showing my portfolio in gallery after gallery resulted in a few Solo & Group Exhibitions, Arts Festivals, and Fairs. I also had a lot of time to paint numerous commissioned pieces that are in private art collections worldwide.

I moved back to Sydney in 2003 and started a family which took a lot of my time away from painting. It was important for me to enjoy my children as much as possible as they grew up, only painting when I had time here and there.


Now, I have a big, bright, huge studio outside of my home that I share with a fellow artist. I create every day, whether it be drawing, painting or taking photographs. My work explores the Australian landscape, usually drawing from my own photographs. I like to simplify details, stripping away unnecessary information to get the essence of form while still leaving enough of a tonal representation for the viewer to interpret the painting in an engagingly graphic way. My humans shapes are put together usually without facial features making them anonymous. 


I think a lot of the emotional content of the work just happens as I paint, especially when working on commissioned paintings. I am given photographs to work from, sometimes never having met the person who has commissioned me to do the painting. The colours I choose are usually of the same palette I have used in previous paintings giving my work it's own unique look. My paintings have a feeling of nostalgia, usually a memory of a particular time or place that was once experienced, and are easily relatable to the viewer. I like to observe how people interact and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

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