Northern Beaches artist Monique Tyacke has been honing her skills as a contemporary hard edge painter for the past 15 years.


Monique received her Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree from The University of Sydney - Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) in 1993. After graduating from SCA, Monique moved to New York City where she lived and painted for almost a decade. During that time Monique participated in Summer Residencies at both New York Academy of Art (NYAA) and the School of Visual Arts (SVA). Monique was included in several solo & group exhibitions, arts festivals, and art fairs.


Monique exhibited for three and a half years at Sydney Road Gallery as one of their founding members. She had several solo exhibitions and was included in many group exhibitions. Currently, Monique shares a big, bright studio in Dee Why with fellow artist Jessica Watts.


My work explores tone and colour, usually drawing from my own photographs. I like to simplify details, stripping away a lot of information to get the essence of form while still leaving a tonal representation for the viewer to interpret the painting in an engagingly graphic way. I begin by digitally manipulating photographs then drawing onto canvas and using traditional mediums such as acrylic and oil paints to finalise my vision. Intense bursts of colour mixed with unusual colour pairings create compelling visual compositions.


I tend to lean towards bold colours mixed with pops of unusual  or unexpected colours. My style is sometimes referred to as a "cutout" style or "hard edge” painting, where all the colours are painted without blending into the colour next to it.


I am currently working on a series of works that include tropical summer landscapes, and the human form within these landscapes. My subject matter often varies from local landscapes, movement of the oceans and underwater silouhettes. My work is about all the places visited and the ones still left to explore. In a time when travelling took a back seat to everything else, memories of times past would flutter into every day life. The frustration of not being able to pick up and jet-off was taken over by a need to document those places that hold a special place. The sounds, the smells, those incredible views! The seemingly endless time that we had during lockdown made me appreciate my past travels and the beautiful landscapes we live within. 


I am influenced by artists including Matisse, Alex Katz, KAWS, Keith Haring and the colours used by the artists of the early 20th century.